For long term temporary use of up to 12 months and the toughest of all the TecDura self-adhesive protection systems. Duramat is made from a woven geotextile which makes it 10 x stronger than the non-woven variety.

Fire and smoke retardant, impermeable to liquid, puncture resistant, slip resistant, U.V. resistant, breathable and anti-bacterial. The best choice for protecting floors and surfaces that are expecting traffic from machinery with 180° turning radius. The additional strength helps prevent tearing up and the woven finish means the mat can be cleaned with a power jet to keep the Hi-Vis upper free from dirt. Leaves no residue when removed.

TecDura Duramat products

TecDura Duramat

TecDura Durmat is the latest innovation from T.F.P Ltd. Duramat provides a puncture resistant, non slip protective covering suitable for a wide range of surfaces and working environments.

Application sheet Data sheet

  • For construction environments involving machinery and extensive construction activity
  • Impermeable to liquids
  • Fire and smoke resistant
  • Slip resistant (Pendulum Test Value of 63 when wet!)
  • Easy to apply, self-adhesive peel and protect solution
  • No residue left on removal
  • Fully breathable
  • Bacteria resistant (E-Coli & MRSA)
  • U.V. resistant

More details

We have used TecDura Stickymat on several precast staircases during high profile projects. Not only did it protect them from damage but it was a real bonus to have the anti-slip tread. I will be using this for my future projects as it has been a massive improvement on using plyboard. Saved us time and money.

Jim Saward, Contracts Manager | J P Dunn Construction Ltd.