For long term temporary use of up to 12 months and the toughest of all the TecDura self-adhesive protection systems. Duramat is made from a woven geotextile which makes it 10 x stronger than the non-woven variety.

Fire and smoke retardant, impermeable to liquid, puncture resistant, slip resistant, U.V. resistant, breathable and anti-bacterial. The best choice for protecting floors and surfaces that are expecting traffic from machinery with 180° turning radius. The additional strength helps prevent tearing up and the woven finish means the mat can be cleaned with a power jet to keep the Hi-Vis upper free from dirt. Leaves no residue when removed.

TecDura Duramat products

TecDura Duramat

TecDura Durmat is the latest innovation from T.F.P Ltd. Duramat provides a puncture resistant, non slip protective covering suitable for a wide range of surfaces and working environments.

Application sheet Data sheet

  • For construction environments involving machinery and extensive construction activity
  • Impermeable to liquids
  • Fire and smoke resistant
  • Slip resistant (Pendulum Test Value of 63 when wet!)
  • Easy to apply, self-adhesive peel and protect solution
  • No residue left on removal
  • Fully breathable
  • Bacteria resistant (E-Coli & MRSA)
  • U.V. resistant

More details

We installed TecDura MD floor protection to our polished concrete floor slabs around a few months after they were poured.... The medium duty matting withstood foottraffic, alloy towers, pop ups, pallet trucks etc very well. We typically used Correx type floor protection. TecDura has significant advantages over these types of protection i.e. it will not ruck up, it is far harder to tear, when removing the srface below was left virtually dust free. The joints are fully bonded and don't rely on tape so there are no trip hazards. We would definitely use again (and thay have!)

Ben Felts, Project Manager, Carillion Construction