Simple, fast & easy application

Temporary Floor Protection (T.F.P. Ltd) was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Dunn. In 2014, James Galloway joined the team and is now Jonathan’s business partner and the current managing director. TecDura products are currently being sold in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark and Norway.

T.F.P. Ltd has developed an innovative protection solution for the construction industry called TecDura.

TecDura systems fill a very important gap in the market. Historical formats of surface protection have been used for decades with little progression. Through T.F.P.'s innovation and on site research we have developed the TecDura range. Our primary product is a revolutionary, temporary, heavy duty covering that protects finished surfaces from construction site damage and spills whilst contributing to a safer working environment.

 TecDura Mats

  • Simple, fast and easy to apply and remove– TecDura Mats offer a seamless, non-slip covering that bonds to the substrate. It is easily applied with a durable mat stuck down with a basecoat that readily peels when the protection is no longer needed to leave absolutely no residue.
  • High level of surface protection – the TecDura Mat comes in two grades (HD and MD) The choice of grade will be dependent on the level and type of site traffic. TecDura Mats will protect against damage from machinery, spills, scaffolding, etc. and allow the finished surface to be handed over in pristine condition.
  • TecDura is flame retardant and smoke resistant. The company responsible for the insurance of any building project must make sure that all temporary protection materials conform to these requirements. Many alternative products available in the market do NOT comply.
  • TecDura Mats can be used to protect a variety of substrates including concrete, marble, stone, tile and hardwood.

We have used TecDura Stickymat on several precast staircases during high profile projects. Not only did it protect them from damage but it was a real bonus to have the anti-slip tread. I will be using this for my future projects as it has been a massive improvement on using plyboard. Saved us time and money.

Jim Saward, Contracts Manager, J P Dunn Construction Ltd.