• Duramat Withstands Even The Toughest Site Traffic

    Impermeable To Liquid, Slip Resistant and Fire & Smoke Retardant

  • TecDura Stickymat Can Be Used On Multiple Surfaces

    From Kitchen Counters To Concrete Staircases, Stickymat Protects From Construction Site Damage 

  • No Residue Left When Our Mats Are Removed

    All Our Stickymats Have Been Developed To Leave No Adhesive Residue. Just A Clean, Pristine Surface!

  • Home Defend Standard Floor Protection

    Replace Your Dust Sheets With Self Adhesive, Liquid Proof Surface Protection

  • Pathfinder Rubber Walkway Mat

    Keep Your Feet On The Ground With The Pathfinder Rubber Walkway Mat

Providing the ultimate temporary solution for protecting surfaces during construction, refurbishment and fit out

View our range of products to see which best suits your requirements

TecDura Videos

  • TecDura Stickymat

  • Voidex Temporary Manhole Cover

  • Case study
    Crest Nicholson - Chiswick

    Crest Nicholson had making good costs of £50,000 after they used corrugated plastic to protect their wooden floors

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  • Case study
    Brookfield Multiplex - Aldgate Tower

    Brookfield Multiplex used Stickymat to protect steel encased raised access flooring

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  • Case study
    GB Building Solutions - Millbrook

    GB Building Solutions needed to proetct an exterior surface from foot traffic, machinery and cement damage. They chose Stickymat HD to get the job done!

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  • Case study
    Wates - Oxford Street

    Wates had a flight of precast concrete stairs that needed to be covered against damage and improve the saftey of the area during high footfall periods

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  • Case study
    Overbury PLC - Wimbledon

    Wimbledon L.T.A. needed to protect their staircases during refurbishment

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TecDura Floor Protection easy to apply and use

Tecdura is simple to apply

Tecdura is simple to apply. The Product Guide gives full and coherent instructions on application and use, which if followed will ensure that there will be no problems from start to finish.

TecDura is extremely safe to apply providing a few simple guidelines are followed and the correct personal protection equipment is used. In order that a proper COSHH assessment can be carried out please follow the guidance on the MSDS (material safety data sheets).

More info on TecDura Temporary Floor Protection

Why protect your surfaces?

One of the major costs in both time and money during construction, refurbishment and even basic D.I.Y projects is caused by having to replace damaged surfaces.

Whether it’s a work boot scratch on a timber floor or paint, plaster and grout spillages drying to kitchen counters and windows; the cleaning up and repairing process can be a painful and time consuming task. Not to mention the money spent replacing the material if it can’t be repaired.

In fact, if you were to ask anyone what their biggest turn off for starting their own refurbishment or D.I.Y project would be you can guarantee you will get 2 replies:              

  1. Preparation
  2. Cleaning up

Most construction workers or serious D.I.Y’ers will actually enjoy the physical act of painting, plastering, sawing, varnishing… but they want to get started quickly and they want to finish cleanly. Think back to your days of trying to tape newspaper to the floor, using dustsheets that would reveal soaked through stains when you removed them or even the dreaded plastic sheeting which conspired to trip you up at every move of your ladder!

Now forget all of that and let TecDura take away the pain and the heart ache of the ‘damaged surface syndrome’.

Our protection comes in a variety of different grades to meet your needs whether it’s protecting a concrete staircase from spilled render or stopping liquid from soaking through to stain your parquet floor.

Just quickly roll out our geotextile mats and they will securely adhere to the surface, keeping them in place and preventing rucking up. This means no flapping about of dust sheets, no taping down and no tripping over bunched up fabric.

Each TecDura mat is totally liquid proof so even the most drip happy of workers can feel safe in the knowledge that nothing will seep through. With a full seal to the surface any dirt, grit or grime is also prevented from getting underneath. When you’re done, roll the mat back up to keep all the debris contained. Simple!

If you need to keep your windows in tip top condition while you work we would recommend you try our liquid protection range. Just paint it on and TecDura Glass Protect dries to form a tough film that helps prevent damage from paint, plaster and render splashes. Once you’re finished, just peel off the film and all the dirt comes away with it!

Visit our TecDura Product Matrix to find the right protection level to fit your needs.

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