The ultimate temporary solution for protecting surfaces

Construction contractors often overlook a simple fix to protect pre-cast concrete stairs from ongoing damages and the danger of slips and trips. Here’s a perfect case study courtesy of Coating Protection of Denmark.

Prevent damage and danger

As you can see from the photo, the construction phase is not finished.

The newly installed stairs are at risk of damage from machinery, falling materials and other hazards such as liquid spills.

The increased footfall of construction workers to upper levels places them at risk of unnecessary slips.

Choose the best protective solution

Putting down plywood to protect stairs can create more problems than it solves – including the risk of trips – and it’s awkward to cut and cover.

Stickymat from TecDura is a construction-strength solution with a choice of thickness for different situations.

In this case, Stickymat Medium Duty (MD) has been chosen because the pre-cast concrete stairs are indoors but will have continuous foot traffic.

Heavy Duty would be better for outdoor use, and Light Duty would be more suitable for low traffic routes.

Easy application for rapid protection

TecDura Stickymat is self-adhesive and easily applied. This peel-and-protect solution immediately safeguards the flooring finish as well as being fire retardant and slip resistant.

Safe, secure and ready for use

The pre-cast concrete stairs have been covered in no time. The protective flooring is ready for long term temporary use of up to 12 months.

It will stop dirt and debris getting underneath and causing damage. And the adhesive keeps the mat firmly in place to prevent slips and trips.

When the construction work is finished, the mat can be removed leaving no residue behind. The concrete floor finish will be just as it was the day it was installed.