Crest Nicholson - Chiswick

in Residential

Crest Nicholson had making good costs of £50,000 after they used corrugated plastic to protect their wooden floors

After shelling out £50,000 to replace wood flooring, Crest Nicholson needed to find an alternative to corrugated plastic sheets.

Stones, grit and dirt got underneath the protection they were using and it was ground into the wood by the foot traffic.

After removing the corrugated plastic, we put down MD Stickymat which  sealed down to the wood flooring making sure this could not happen again. It also protected from paint and plaster splatter so once the project was completed, the mat was peeled up and there was no more 'making good' needed.

Hint: Avoid short term saving on cost to make long term saving in time and money!!

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