Protect you staff, time, labour and material invested in every surface you lay

TecDura products are engineered to keep all of your investments in pristine condition.

With simple adhesion systems, there is no need for skilled labour costs and with TecDura protection, you can rest assured that the money you paid for materials will be in safe hands!

All adhesives are peeled away when the system is removed which means there is no need to waste time and money scraping off residue.

Most importantly, our HD and MD mats have an anti-slip top coat and all our systems seal down to the substrate. No rucking up, causing trip hazards and no skidding on slippery surfaces. Your biggest investment in people are also taken care of by TecDura!

TecDura Stickymat

For long term temporary use of up to 12 months, the peel and protect, self-adhesive geotextile mat provides construction strength protection. The Stickymat range is fire and smoke retardant, impermeable to liquid, slip resistant, U.V. resistant, breathable (LD only) and anti-bacterial.

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TecDura Duramat

For long term temporary use of up to 12 months and the toughest of all the TecDura self-adhesive protection systems. Duramat is made from a woven geotextile which makes it 10 x stronger than the non-woven variety.

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TecDura Liquid Protect

For long term temporary use for up to 12 months. Our liquid protection systems can be rolled or sprayed on to surfaces to form an incredibly tough protective film.

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TecDura Home Defend

For short term temporary use of up to 6 weeks. This is a re-usable, pressure applied adhesive range that is for the serious D.I.Y.’er or for the low traffic areas of working sites.

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TecDura Pathfinder

For long term temporary use for up to 12 months. Path Finder is a heavy duty rubber mat with a slip resistant finish. No adhesive is needed on this product as the weight keeps it place.

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TecDura Accessories

TecDura accessories

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TecDura Impact Mat

For long term temporary use of up to 12 months, this mat is made from 500gsm of self-adhesive, geotextile to deliver added Impact protection.

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We installed TecDura MD floor protection to our polished concrete floor slabs around a few months after they were poured.... The medium duty matting withstood foottraffic, alloy towers, pop ups, pallet trucks etc very well. We typically used Correx type floor protection. TecDura has significant advantages over these types of protection i.e. it will not ruck up, it is far harder to tear, when removing the srface below was left virtually dust free. The joints are fully bonded and don't rely on tape so there are no trip hazards. We would definitely use again (and thay have!)

Ben Felts, Project Manager, Carillion Construction